Famous Cigar Lovers in History

Cigars have held an important spot in history.  Over that period of time, many crucial men and women have enjoyed the cigar puff sessions that we do, smoking cigars during special events and moments in life like weddings and the birth of a child or after a celebration of a big win in sports.

Here are a few of the most famous men and women cigar smokers in history credited to cuena cigars crew.


The British side of the Big Three during World War 2, Sir Winston Churchill was an avid cigar smoker. He originally discovered cigars while he was a young officer stationed in Cuba, and he held his cigars dear throughout his entire life.

In fact, Sir Winston Churchill actually stockpiled cigars in his home, amassing more than 4,000 in his lifetime. During times of crisis, especially during World War 2, he would light up his cigars as a form of relaxation.


When he portrayed Tony Montana in Scarface, Al Pacino cemented himself as a symbol of cigar smoking for Americans everywhere. His representation as a macho man-made the cigar a true symbol of manliness.

Since those days, Al Pacino can still be seen smoking cigars, whether on promotional tours or in his daily life. He is a true inspiration to beginners anywhere.


While early on he may have been associated with cigarettes, Jack Nicholson can now be seen pictured with a cigar much more often. After deciding to stop smoking cigarettes, Nicholson has appreciated the simplicity and culture behind cigar smoking.

Nicholson is perhaps best known for smoking Montecristo. Jack Nicholson is a legendary actor for any generation, and his cigar smoking is just one piece of his long legacy.


Though it may surprise you, MJ’s legacy doesn’t just stop at basketball. The GOAT is actually one of many famous cigar smokers. In fact, he even smoked cigars during the season.

It was not uncommon to see No. 23 lighting a cigar on the Bulls’ bus. But, his nonsmoking teammates had no problem with it, so long as he kept playing the way he knew how!


The man who helped save the US Economy and create US Steel was also an avid cigar smoker. Though he was a private and shy person in his everyday life, JP Morgan was not afraid to bring a cigar and a tough persona to his work meetings.

Smoking and collecting cigars was one of Morgan’s favorite hobbies. His favorite cigars, in fact, were Cubans, with a particular affinity for Meridiana Kohinoors.

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